At Wizard Leak Detection, we are dedicated to keeping our clients informed about the latest advancements in water management technology.Water leaks can lead to significant water loss and infrastructure damage if not detected and addressed promptly. In a groundbreaking initiative, Water Corporation has implemented an advanced leak detection network in Perth’s CBD. Utilising cutting-edge technology from Perth based Terra15 Technologies, this project is set to revolutionise how water leaks are managed, ensuring greater efficiency and resource conservation.

Water Corporation has implemented an advanced leak detection network in Perth’s CBD, leveraging a 30km network of fibre-optic cables to identify water leaks before they escalate into significant bursts. This solution, developed by Perth-based Terra15 Technologies, utilises distributed acoustic sensing technology to transform existing fibre-optic cables into an extensive acoustic leak detection system.

The system operates by sending laser light through a fibre-optic cable, which detects interruptions caused by vibrations or sounds. This technology is programmed to recognise the specific sound of water leaks in nearby mains, allowing Water Corporation to address potential issues long before a pipe bursts. This preemptive measure saves water, reduces costs, and minimises disruptions.

The sensitivity of this equipment enables it to detect regional earthquakes, background noise such as footsteps, traffic, construction activities, and even tampering or theft on pipelines. According to Evan Hambleton, General Manager of Assets Planning and Delivery at Water Corporation, this technology is set to enhance the reliability of the CBD water supply and reduce reactive repair expenses, which amounted to $12.5 million in the previous financial year (FY22-23).

While upgrades to the Perth CBD water network are ongoing, leakage remains a challenge due to the age of some cast iron pipes, which date back over 100 years. The innovative use of existing telecommunications fibre-optic cables as thousands of vibration sensors allows for early detection and tracking of leaks, preventing more severe and disruptive bursts.

This project is part of Water Corporation’s broader $184.7 million investment in the metropolitan water network for FY23-24. It includes a $10 million initiative to replace ageing water mains around the Kaarta Gar-up (Mount Eliza) reservoir in Kings Park, under the Pipes for Perth program.


By implementing this advanced technology, Water Corporation continues to demonstrate its commitment to innovation in the Australian water industry, enhancing the resilience of Perth’s water supply and conserving valuable resources. When it comes to finding and repairing all your water leaks in Perth, we at Wizard Leak Detection stand out as the best company, offering unparalleled expertise and state-of-the-art solutions to safeguard your water infrastructure.