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Our Detection Service covers the entire Osborne Park area for both residential and commercial properties. Call us if you need us to locate and repair your water leaks or gas leaks.


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Osborne Park: Leak Detection Plumbers

We offer over 20 years experience in leak detection and repair in the Osborne Park area. We have assisted dozens of businesses to find hidden leaks over the years and we’re glad to assist you too.

If you have  noticed a rising water bill or have water damage from a leak on your property, we will find the leak, repair it and assist with a water corporation rebate to ensure your costs are minimised.



Osborne Park Detection Service

We find and repair water and gas Leaks fast!

leak detection in perth - gas leak and water leaks found fast in Perth
leak detection in perth - gas leak and water leaks found fast
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Our relentless commitment to Osborne Park

We know that Osborne Park is one of Perth’s hubs for commerce, trades, business and home owners. A water or gas leak can disrupt business and cause thousands of dollars of damage. 

We are professional leak detection specialists and calling us is the first step to solving your plumbing leak problems.

Water Leak Detection: Our experts utilize sophisticated techniques to detect water leaks in Osborne Park homes and businesses, helping you prevent water damage and save on repair costs.

Gas Leak Detection: Gas leaks are a serious safety risk. Our skilled team is trained to identify these leaks and ensure the necessary repairs are made to safeguard your home or business.

Moisture Testing and Inspection: Excess moisture in your property can lead to structural damage and mould growth. Our technicians conduct meticulous moisture testing and inspections, identifying problematic areas and recommending appropriate solutions.


Plumbing Leak Detection: Our experienced technicians are well-versed in all aspects of plumbing leak detection. We use a variety of methods to identify leaks in your plumbing system and provide the necessary repairs to prevent further damage and expensive repairs.

Residential Leak Detection: Protect your Osborne Park home from water damage with our expert leak detection services.

Commercial Leak Detection: Keep your Osborne Park business premises safe and functional with our efficient and accurate leak detection solutions.


Acoustic Leak Detection: Utilizing specialized acoustic listening devices, our team can locate hidden leaks by discerning the sound of water escaping from pipes or other systems. This non-invasive technique is ideal for accurately finding leaks in hard-to-reach areas.

Water sonic Leak Detection: We employ ultrasonic technology to detect leaks in pressurized water systems. water sonic leak detection proves effective in locating even the smallest leaks with minimal disruption to your property.

Electronic Leak Detection: With our cutting-edge electronic leak detection equipment, we can accurately locate leaks in pipes and systems, even when they’re concealed behind walls or beneath floors. This precise method allows us to address leaks before they cause extensive damage.

Plumbing and Pipe Repair: After identifying the source of the leak, our skilled technicians can perform necessary repairs to prevent further damage.

Preventative Maintenance: Regular maintenance and inspections can help prevent leaks and save you money in the long run. Trust Wizard Leak Detection to safeguard your property in Osborne Park, Western Australia, against the detrimental effects of leaks.


Emergency Leak Detection: We offer 24/7 emergency leak detection services in Osborne Park for urgent situations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Leak Detection?

Leak detection is the process of identifying and locating leaks in systems such as water, gas, or HVAC. At Wizard Leak Detection in Osborne Park, we use a combination of advanced technology, proven methods, and experienced professionals to detect and fix leaks in your property. 

How does Water Leak Detection work?

Water leak detection involves the use of advanced techniques to identify leaks in water pipes and systems. This can include acoustic listening devices,  acoustic water leak detection, and electronic leak detection equipment. Our experts in Osborne Park can accurately locate leaks, even when hidden behind walls or beneath floors, to prevent water damage and save on repair costs.

What does Gas Leak Detection entail?

Gas leak detection is a critical service that ensures the safety of your property. Gas leaks can be dangerous and pose a serious risk. Our trained team in Osborne Park identifies gas leaks and ensures appropriate repairs are made promptly to keep your home or business safe.

How is Plumbing Leak Detection conducted?

Plumbing leak detection involves identifying leaks within your plumbing system. Our experienced technicians in Osborne Park use a variety of methods, including acoustic, acoustic water leak detection, and electronic detection techniques, to locate leaks. After identifying the source of the leak, we perform the necessary repairs to prevent further damage and costly repairs. Regular inspections and maintenance can help prevent leaks and safeguard your property.

What is Leak Detection

What is Leak Detection? Key Takeaway Leak detection is a critical process in identifying and repairing leaks in various systems, including water supply, gas lines, and heating systems, to prevent damage, conserve resources, and ensure safety. Understanding Leak...


We find plumbing leaks fast!

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