What kind of Leak Detection we offer you in Perth

If we cant find the leak, then we don’t charge!

Wizard Leak Detection proudly offers specialised leak detection in Perth ensuring the safety and integrity of  residential, commercial and industrial properties.

Our expert team is trained to handle the complexities of leak detection with precision preventing potential damage and preserving Perth’s property values.

“We must treat water as if it were the most precious thing in the world, the most valuable natural resource. Be economical with water! Don’t waste it! We still have time to do something about this problem before it is too late.” – Mikhail Gorbachev​

Inspection of a heating pipe

What Leak Detection Services Do We Offer in Perth?

Residential Leak Detection in Perth: Our residential leak detection services in Perth are second to none. At Wizard Leak Detection we use non invasive methods to find leaks saving homeowners from unnecessary damage and expense.

Commercial Leak Detection in Perth: Businesses in Perth can rely on Wizard Leak Detection for minimal disruption and maximum efficiency. We understand the importance of running uninterrupted operations and our commercial leak detection services are designed to keep it that way.

Industrial Leak Detection in Perth: For industrial clients our leak detection services in Perth are tailored to meet stringent safety and environmental standards. We ensure that all leaks are detected swiftly to maintain operational safety and efficiency.

Gas Leak Detection in Perth: At Wizard Leak Detection we provide comprehensive gas leak detection services in Perth, employing state of the art technology and methods to ensure the safety of your property and its occupants.

Water Leak Detection in Perth:Our water leak detection services in Perth are environmentally friendly and cost effective.  We are committed to conserving water and protecting your property from the potential damage caused by leaks.

The Importance of Professional Leak Detection in Perth

In Perth the integrity and safety of your property hinge on the reliability of its infrastructure. Leaks whether from water or gas can threaten this stability causing damage that can be expensive to repair and hazardous to health.

Professional leak detection is crucial in preventing these risks. At Wizard Leak Detection we are committed to providing precise and effective leak detection services in Perth.

Our team is equipped with advanced diagnostic tools that allow us to detect leaks efficiently without the need for invasive procedures.

This approach not only saves valuable time and costs but also preserves the condition of your property. With Wizard Leak Detection residents and businesses in Perth can expect a service that’s attentive to their needs and mindful of preserving the integrity of their property.

Moreover professional leak detection is about offering a complete end to end service. Recognising the critical nature of leaks we ensure a speedy response from the moment of detection to the final repair aiming to mitigate any inconvenience and potential harm.

We’re here to support the Perth community with swift reliable leak detection services that residents and businesses can depend on.

Testimonials for Wizard Leak Detection in Perth

“I recently noticed a damp patch on my wall that was growing rapidly. I called Wizard Leak Detection and they were at my Perth home within hours. Their team was not only professional but also incredibly efficient. They located the leak without having to tear down the wall which I feared the most. I’m grateful for their quick and clean service.”

Fiona G. Perth

“Our office in Perth CBD suffered from an unexplained spike in water bills. Wizard Leak Detection came highly recommended and they did not disappoint. Their technicians found a hidden pipe leak in the kitchen area. Their prompt action saved us from a potential disaster and a lot of money in water bills.”

Raj P., Business Owner Perth

“As a property manager dealing with maintenance issues is a daily task. Leak detection has always been a nightmare until we started working with Wizard Leak Detection. They have provided consistent and reliable service for all our properties across Perth. Their detailed reports and efficient repairs make my job so much easier.”

Melissa K., Property Manager Perth

“When we smelled gas in our backyard, we panicked. Knowing the dangers we called Wizard Leak Detection fearing the worst. Their team was calm, reassuring and incredibly competent. They performed leak detection in our Perth home and repaired the gas line on the spot. Their quick response and expertise gave us immense peace of mind.”

Aaron S. Perth

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Case study on our Leak detection in Perth

A homeowner in Perth contacted Wizard Leak Detection concerning a sudden unexplained increase in their water bill. They had also noticed signs of dampness in their basement which had never been an issue before. Aware of the potential damage that a leak could cause to their property and belongings they sought our expertise to address this issue promptly and effectively.

Upon arrival our team conducted a thorough visual inspection of the affected area. The basement showed signs of mildew and a distinct musty odour which are common indicators of a long standing water leak. Given the basement’s position and the lack of visible piping we suspected that the leak might be located in the underground pipes

The acoustic detection equipment identified a potential leak location near a corner of the basement. The thermal imaging camera confirmed this showing a cooler temperature reading indicative of water flow outside the pipes. The moisture meter readings were also significantly higher in this area.

To access the leak with minimal disruption we used a concrete coring technique which involves drilling a precise, circular hole through the concrete to reach the leaking pipe beneath. This method is preferred over jackhammering as it is less invasive and reduces the repair time and cost.

Once we reached the pipe it became clear that a small fissure had developed likely due to soil movement or natural wear and tear. We repaired the fissure using a strong waterproof sealant that bonds with the pipe material ensuring a durable fix. After the repair we pressure tested the line to confirm the integrity of the seal.

After the successful repair the core piece of concrete was replaced and the floor was restored to its original condition. The homeowner was advised to monitor the area for dampness in the following weeks but the issue was resolved as evidenced by a return to normal water bills and the absence of further moisture in the basement.

A follow up visit was scheduled to ensure the repair held and that no additional leaks had developed. This is part of Wizard Leak Detection’s commitment to quality service and customer satisfaction.

Through this detailed case study Wizard Leak Detection showcases our comprehensive approach to leak detection in Perth. We emphasise non invasive methods, precise workmanship and thorough follow up to ensure a leak free environment for our clients.

Questions and Answers on Leak Detection in Perth

Q: How does Wizard Leak Detection ensure accuracy in leak detection in Perth? 

A: We use the latest in acoustic, thermal and electronic detection technologies to provide accurate leak detection in Perth ensuring our methods are precise and effective.

Q: What sets Wizard Leak Detection apart from other services in Perth? 

A: Our unparalleled commitment to customer satisfaction and our use of non destructive techniques place us at the forefront of leak detection services in Perth.

Q: How quickly can Wizard Leak Detection respond to a leak situation in Perth? 

A: Our local presence allows us to offer prompt and efficient leak detection services in Perth often providing same day service.

Q: Does Wizard Leak Detection handle emergency leak detection in Perth? 

A: Absolutely we provide around the clock emergency services for critical leak detection in Perth ensuring rapid response and resolution.

Q: Can Wizard Leak Detection provide long-term solutions to prevent future leaks in Perth? 

A: Yes beyond detecting and repairing current leaks we offer assessments and recommendations to mitigate future leak risks in Perth properties?

Q: Are the leak detection methods used by Wizard Leak Detection in Perth environmentally friendly? 

A: We are committed to eco friendly practices ensuring that our leak detection methods in Perth not only save water and gas but also have a minimal environmental footprint.

Do not let leaks dampen your peace of mind.

Whether it is a mysterious spike in your water bill or the unwelcome sign of dampness Wizard Leak Detection is your trusted partner in safeguarding your property.

With our cutting edge technology and skilled professionals we ensure a prompt, accurate detection process.

If you’re in Perth and suspect a water or gas leak, don’t wait for the damage to escalate.

Contact Wizard Leak Detection today and secure your home or business against the hidden dangers of leaks.

Your property deserves the best defence against leaks and we are here to provide it with precision and care.

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