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Discover unparalleled expertise and precision in commercial water leak detection with Wizard Leak Detection, Perth’s leading specialist in identifying and resolving complex leak issues. Our commitment to excellence and innovative approaches ensure that your business is safeguarded against the risks and costs associated with undetected leaks in Perth.

With years of experience under our belt, we bring a depth of knowledge and a suite of advanced technological solutions to tackle any leak detection challenge. Whether it’s in pipelines, underground systems, or within building structures, our team of skilled professionals is equipped to deliver fast, accurate, and non invasive leak detection services.


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Our Commercial Leak Detection Services

  • Pipeline Leak Detection

    • Our advanced pipeline leak detection service utilises the latest in electronic and sonic equipment to accurately locate leaks in any commercial pipeline system. This non invasive technique allows for swift identification of leaks in both visible and concealed pipelines, ensuring minimal disruption to your operations.
    • Benefits: Quick detection, minimal disruption, and precise location identification.
  • Underground Water Leak Detection

    • Specialising in detecting leaks in underground water lines, our team uses ground penetrating radar and other sophisticated tools to pinpoint leakages without excavation. This service is crucial for commercial properties to prevent water loss and potential damage to the foundation and structure.
    • Benefits: Non destructive method, accurate results, and prevention of structural damage.
  • Thermal Imaging Inspections

    • Our thermal imaging inspections provide a clear picture of potential issues behind walls and floors. This technology is invaluable in identifying hidden leaks, areas of moisture accumulation, and insulation flaws in commercial buildings.
    • Benefits: Comprehensive view of hidden problems, energy efficiency improvement, and early leak detection.
  • Acoustic Leak Detection

    • Acoustic leak detection is a tried and tested method where sensitive microphones and listening devices are used to detect the sound of water escaping from pipes. Ideal for locating leaks in noisy commercial environments where leaks might otherwise go unnoticed.
    • Benefits: Highly accurate, efficient in noisy environments and suitable for various pipe materials.
  • Moisture and Dampness Analysis

    • This service involves a detailed assessment of moisture and dampness in commercial buildings. Using hygrometers and other moisture detecting equipment, our experts can identify the source of dampness, providing solutions to prevent mould growth and structural damage.
    • Benefits: Healthier work environment, prevention of mould and structural issues, and comprehensive moisture mapping.

Frequently Asked Questions about our Leak Detection Services for Businesses

What types of commercial properties does Wizard Leak Detection service?

We service a wide range of commercial properties including office buildings, shopping centres, industrial facilities, hotels, and apartment complexes. Our team is equipped to handle the unique challenges of each property type.


How does Wizard Leak Detection ensure minimal disruption to business operations during leak detection?

Our leak detection methods, such as thermal imaging and acoustic detection, are non invasive and efficient, allowing us to pinpoint leaks without the need for extensive excavation or disruption. We also offer flexible scheduling to accommodate your business needs.

What technologies are used by Wizard Leak Detection for leak detection?

We use a variety of advanced technologies, including ground penetrating radar, thermal imaging cameras, acoustic listening devices, and electronic leak detection tools, to accurately and quickly locate leaks.

Can Wizard Leak Detection help in reducing water bills for commercial properties?

Absolutely. By detecting and repairing leaks promptly, we help prevent water wastage, which can be a significant contributor to high water bills in commercial properties.

How long does a typical leak detection service take?

The duration depends on the complexity and size of the property, as well as the nature of the leak. However, we strive to conduct our inspections as efficiently as possible, often completing the process within a few hours.

Does Wizard Leak Detection offer any follow up services after detecting a leak?

Yes, we provide comprehensive follow-up services, including repair recommendations and preventative maintenance advice to help avoid future leaks. Our goal is to ensure the long-term integrity of your commercial property’s plumbing and water systems.

Why Choose Us:

Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction sets us apart. We not only identify the source of leaks but also provide comprehensive solutions to prevent future occurrences.

Our experienced professionals are equipped with the latest in leak detection technology, ensuring quick and accurate results.


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Key Takeaways about our Commercial Leak Detection

    • Rapid Response: Wizard Leak Detection prioritises quick response to minimise business disruptions.
    • Preparedness: Our team is always ready with the necessary equipment for immediate deployment.

    Efficiency: We strive to address your leak detection needs in the shortest time possible, without compromising on quality.

  • Take the First Step Towards a Leak-Free Future with Wizard Leak Detection

    Don’t let undetected leaks disrupt your business and inflate your costs. With Wizard Leak Detection, you have a partner who brings unparalleled expertise and cutting edge technology to safeguard your commercial property against the hidden dangers of water leaks.

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Commercial Leak Detection Perth

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