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If we can’t find your leak, we don’t charge.

At Wizard Leak Detection, we excel in delivering plumbing leak detection services in Perth for both residential and commercial settings in Perth. Leveraging advanced technology and the expertise of certified plumbers in water leak detection, we identify and address plumbing leaks efficiently, ensuring minimal disruption and optimal integrity of your plumbing system.

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Plumbing Water Leak Detection

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Wizard leak detection member using thermal imaging.

Our Plumbing Leak Detection Services Perth

  • Residential Plumbing Leak Detection: Specialised services designed to detect and repair leaks in your home’s plumbing system, safeguarding your property’s structural integrity and water efficiency.
  • Commercial Plumbing Leak Detection: Tailored plumbing leak detection solutions for businesses, focusing on operational continuity and minimizing downtime during leak repairs.
  • Thermal Imaging for Plumbing Leak Detection: Utilizing thermal imaging technology, we offer non-invasive detection of hidden plumbing leaks, ensuring accurate diagnostics without the need for extensive property disruption.
  • Pipe Location & Mapping for Plumbing Leak Detection: Precise identification and mapping of underground plumbing, crucial for effective maintenance, repairs, and leak prevention strategies.

Why Choose Wizard Leak Detection for Your Plumbing Leak Detection Perth?

  • Dedicated Expertise: Our water leak finding Plumbers comprises industry-certified experts specialising in plumbing leak detection, equipped with extensive knowledge and experience.
  • Cutting-Edge Technology: We employ the latest in plumbing leak detection technology, guaranteeing accurate, efficient, and swift leak identification.
  • Unmatched Customer Satisfaction: Tailoring our plumbing water leak detection services to meet your specific requirements, we prioritize achieving your complete satisfaction through efficient and effective solutions.
  • Reliability & Efficiency: Our plumbing leak detection services are designed to be minimally invasive, ensuring that your property remains as undisturbed as possible while we swiftly and accurately address leaks.


Our Commitment to Perth with Leak Detection Excellence

Wizard Leak Detection is dedicated to offering unparalleled plumbing leak detection services Perth. Our commitment to employing advanced technology, combined with our expertise, enables us to provide reliable, efficient, and precise water leak detection solutions. We are steadfast in our mission to resolve your plumbing challenges, ensuring peace of mind and the safety of your property.


Man using thermal imaging to detect a leak.


Plumbing Water Leaks Detected

Plumbing water leak detection

Our Plumbing water leak Detection Services in Perth provide comprehensive solutions. For specialised plumbing leak concerns, explore our Water Leak Detection Perth service, where our skilled technicians utilise the latest technology to detect leaks efficiently.

Detection for water leaking pipes service Perth


Our Leak Finding Plumbers are at the ready to address any plumbing issues, backed by our comprehensive Detection Services Overview. We understand the importance of value, which is why we provide transparent Plumbing Leak Detection Pricing, ensuring you receive top-quality service without hidden costs. Saving you money on your water bill.

Water Leak Detection


For those seeking insights into our methods and the importance of leak detection, our Blog offers a wealth of information, including a detailed look at Leak Detection: History, Methods and Importance.

At Wizard Leak Detection, we're not just a service; we're a partner in maintaining the integrity of your property. Learn more About Us, our commitment to excellence, and how we can assist you today.


Here are some of the things to look out for:

  • Puddles of water in your bathroom or other rooms
  • Water stains on your walls or ceiling
  • Sounds of trickling water when no water is being used
  • Earthy or musty smell even after cleaning the bathroom
We find and fix
Plumbing leak Detection

Plumbing Leak Detection: Perth

Our plumbing leak detection process involves a thorough examination of your property to identify any signs of leaks in your plumbing system. We have the very best leak detection technology, such as acoustic sensors and thermal imaging, so we can detect even the smallest leaks in. Discover more about our plumbing leak detection service.


Frequently Asked Questions on Plumbing Leak Detection

What makes Wizard Leak Detection different from other plumbing leak detection companies?

  • We distinguish ourselves through our use of cutting-edge technology, specialised expertise in plumbing leak detection, and a customer centric approach that ensures tailored solutions and satisfaction.

How do you ensure minimal disruption during the plumbing leak detection process?

  • Our non invasive leak detection methods, such as thermal imaging and precise pipe mapping, allow us to accurately locate leaks without significant disruption to your property.

Can you detect all types of plumbing leaks?

  • Yes, our advanced technology and techniques enable us to detect a wide range of plumbing leaks, including those hidden underground or within walls.

How quickly can you respond to a plumbing leak detection request?

  • Our team is committed to providing prompt and efficient service. We aim to respond to all plumbing leak detection requests as swiftly as possible, understanding the urgency of leak issues.

Is your plumbing leak detection service available for both small homes and large commercial properties?

  • Absolutely. Our plumbing leak detection services are scalable, catering to the specific needs of both small residential homes and large commercial premises.

What steps should I take if I suspect a plumbing leak?

  • If you suspect a plumbing leak, it’s crucial to contact us immediately. Early detection and repair can prevent more significant damage and save on water costs.

What our customers say:


79 reviews on
Suz Starr
Suz Starr
Wizard leak detection could not have been more helpful. They fixed several leaks out our house, often working late just to fit us in and very reasonably priced. Highly recommended
Tara Gojkovic
Tara Gojkovic
Damian and Tim arrived at our home, swiftly solving the issue, as well as providing solutions to future problems. They offered a competitive price, and explained everything that they were doing so that there was no confusion. I would easily say one of the best experiences I’ve had with any tradesmen, and would recommend them to anyone who is experiencing any trouble
Declan McDonald
Declan McDonald
The lads at wizard leak detection were able to get out to my property promptly and were very upfront about their leak detection procedure and costs. Having a service line of 140m, half of which is shared with 3 other properties and runs under concrete driveway for the other half, I had little hope to find the leak. In around an hour and a half the leak was found which was halfway between a 60m stretch uphill and was able to fix my leak thanks to these lads. To be honest I was skeptical but I'm so happy I used these guys and can't recommend them enough. Cheers boys
Tameem Khader
Tameem Khader
Excellent service at a very reasonable price. Tim and Damien were extremely friendly, knowledgeable and professional. They also did a great job of explaining and documenting all aspects of their work. Very highly recommended.
david bacon
david bacon
Damian & Tim deserve all the 5 star ratings they have on their website. Great work guys, thanks.
Alvin W (AW)
Alvin W (AW)
Tim and Damian responded to my queries efficiently. Tim's approach to my concerns were very methodical and they found the answer to my concern. A bit of communication problem between the both of them regarding fixing a leaky tap on the side (this was not my main problem) but they addressed the issue head on with no excuses. They take ownership of their services and work, rare qualities in any service these days. I would definitely recommend.
Abbie Ehrhardt
Abbie Ehrhardt
Tim and Lee fixed our leaking pipe and they stayed late on a public holiday to get the job done! Brilliant service! Highly recommend!
Christine Cheng
Christine Cheng
Promised & Delivered. Damian & Tim found our water leak with exceptional efficiency. We highly recommend trusting their cost effective advice of solving repetitive leak problems fundamentally. Thanks again for your service.
Sharon Beattie
Sharon Beattie
Big thanks to Damien and Wizard Leak Detection, have used them on a number of occasions, prompt service even after hours. Highly recommended particularly for leak detection and burst pipes! Thanks legend
Chris Walsh
Chris Walsh
Very friendly guys. Good communication and explained the problem to me in basic terms that made it easy to understand (I'm not technical in any way so this was great). Quickly identified the leak and fixed it. Wish I'd known about these guys sooner as the hidden leak was starting to cause me problems. 100% recommendation from. Thanks guys.