Recent developments have brought to light an alarming plumbing predicament unfolding among several new homeowners in Perth.

A significant number of these homeowners are confronting the necessity of a comprehensive plumbing overhaul due to the catastrophic failure of pipes, which has led to serious flooding and the emergence of mould issues, particularly around two years post moving into their newly built residences​​.

Polybutylene pipe in Perth -Wizard leak detection.

In the modern world where water is an invaluable resource, ensuring its efficient use and management is imperative.

At the heart of this endeavour is the necessity to promptly detect and address water leaks, a common yet often overlooked problem.

Enter Wizard Leak Detection, your reliable partner in identifying water leaks swiftly and accurately in Perth.

With a profound understanding of plumbing systems and a keen eye for detail, we excel in pinpointing the exact location of water leaks, be it within your home, commercial premises, or underground systems.

Our approach merges advanced leak detection technology with seasoned expertise, ensuring a thorough and precise identification of leaks, irrespective of their size or location.

The Unfolding Scenario

The problem has grown to a point where about 50 homeowners are thinking of taking legal action against a builder.

They say that the houses built during 2019 and 2020 are only now showing signs of damage.

One resident talked about the morning of 10th July 2022 when she was woken up by the sound of water rushing through the wall near her living room.

The problem got worse on 15th July 2022 as she found her ensuite flooded. The plumber had to break through the tiles to find and fix the burst pipe.

This situation showed a lot of damage that had spread to the master bedroom the study nook and the walk in closet.

The trouble didn’t stop there on 22nd September 2022 another bathroom in the house was found to be flooded affecting three bedrooms on that same side of the house.

This showed a repeating pattern of plumbing failure and damage.

In a similar way a homeowner from Midvale shared her tough time which began in August just a little over two years after her house was built.

The first sign was shocking as they found the carpet under their baby’s bassinet getting wet. On checking further a damp wall in the bedroom was found with water slowly spreading onto the ensuite floor.

The damage was bad enough to make the master bedroom unfit to live in. This left the residents with a bad feeling about the rest of the house and nervously waiting for the next leak.

Many homeowners feel the same way as they all share the worry of living with a ticking time bomb not knowing when the next leak will happen and cause more problems in their homes.

The stories of these homeowners highlight a bigger plumbing crisis showing the unexpected challenges that new homeowners are facing.

The growing number of plumbing failures is not just upsetting but a call for immediate action to stop more problems and make sure the newly built homes in Perth are safe and sound.

The Underlying Issue – Polybutylene Piping

Polybutylene piping is a type of plastic that was used a lot for water pipes between the years 1978 and 1995. People liked it because it was cheap, flexible and easy to put in. But as time went on problems started showing up.

These pipes tend to get brittle and crack especially when they interact with some common chemicals found in water, like chlorine.

When chlorine meets polybutylene it starts a reaction that weakens the pipes from the inside making them more likely to crack.

Over time these small cracks get bigger and bigger until the pipe breaks open and then leading to leaks and sometimes major bursts which can cause a lot of damage.

The worst part is as these pipes get older they are more likely to fail, showing that they aren’t a good choice for long term plumbing.

The mix of chemical reactions with the natural wearing out of these pipes creates a kind of ticking time bomb scenario.

It’s like waiting for something bad to happen because it’s almost certain that these pipes will fail over time leading to plumbing problems that can be a headache to fix.

Wizard Leak Detection’s Proactive Approach


Seeing all the troubles with polybutylene piping, Wizard Leak Detection believes in a proactive approach.

This means taking action before problems show up to avoid plumbing issues and keep your home’s plumbing in good shape.

Our team, who are very experienced, are great at finding polybutylene pipes and replacing them before they start causing trouble.

They will check your home thoroughly to find any polybutylene pipes, check their condition, and then plan on replacing them with stronger and more reliable materials.

These new materials are better suited to handle the chemicals in water and are made to last a long time.

Taking action early greatly lowers the chance of facing major plumbing issues.

Man replacing polybutylene pipes

It means giving you a strong and reliable plumbing system for your home and effectively dealing with the risks tied to polybutylene piping.

We believe this approach saves you time, worry and potentially a lot of money in the long run.



The recent plumbing problems in Perth are a clear reminder of how important it is to have strong plumbing system in place to live safely and comfortably.

The problems tied to using polybutylene pipes show the need for using better materials that can provide reliable plumbing.

Wizard Leak Detection is dedicated to solving the root causes of plumbing leaks. We aim to create a safe and worry free living environment by replacing polybutylene pipes early, making sure your home stays safe from unexpected plumbing problems.

Also we encourage a mindset of early maintenance to keep a high level of safety and comfort in your home. By doing this we hope to prevent the kind of plumbing problems that many homeowners in Perth have been facing making homes safer and lives easier.