Privacy Policy for Wizard Leak Detection

Policy Overview

This Privacy Policy applies to Wizard Leak Detection, addressing our commitment to the Privacy Act 1988 and adherence to the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs). Our policy outlines how we manage personal information, ensuring transparency and accountability in our practices.

Policy Details

As a responsible entity, Wizard Leak Detection abides by the Privacy Act 1988 and the APPs. Our policy, presented in clear language, reflects our commitment to privacy and data protection. We pledge to periodically update this policy, with changes communicated through our website and other official channels.

Information Handling

In our operations, we handle personal information in compliance with Australian legislation, including the Australian Information Commissioner Act 2010, Privacy Act, Freedom of Information Act 1982, My Health Records Act 2012, and the Competition and Consumer Act 2010. This involves various activities such as handling complaints, regulatory functions, advisory services, and lawful information sharing.

Collection Methods

Our primary method of collecting personal information is directly from individuals through interactions such as inquiries, service requests, and surveys. We may also obtain information indirectly from public sources or third parties when required.

Anonymity and Website Interaction

Individuals can choose to interact with us anonymously or under a pseudonym when possible. Our website uses tools like analytics and event management systems, which collect data in a way that generally does not identify individuals.

Use and Disclosure of Information

We use personal information for the purposes for which it was collected. The policy details the circumstances under which we may use or disclose personal and sensitive information for secondary purposes, in line with legal and public interest requirements.

Data Quality, Storage, and Security

We are committed to maintaining the accuracy and security of personal information. We employ various measures to protect information and adhere to strict protocols for its destruction or de-identification when no longer needed.

Access, Correction, and Complaints

Individuals have rights to access and correct their personal information in our records. Our policy provides information on how to make such requests and lodge complaints regarding our handling of personal information.

Contact Information

For queries or complaints regarding this privacy policy, please contact us at