Wizard Leak Detection  is Claremont’s premier specialist in Water Leak Detection & Gas Leak Detection.

Our expertise encompasses the identification of leaks within water pipes and gas lines across all of Claremont’s residential, commercial, and industrial properties. Should you require Leak Detection in Claremont, we offer prompt and efficient service.

Our core services include the detection and repair of water leaks, gas leaks, and plumbing leaks, positioning us as Claremont’s leading specialists in leak detection. We are experts at uncovering elusive leaks, regardless of their location.

For expert Leak Detection in Claremont, contact us for immediate support.

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"Any Leak! Anywhere!"

Tim Intveld

Leak Detection Plumber, Wizard Leak Detection

"I live and breathe leak detection"

Damian Batajtis

Leak Detection Expert, Wizard Leak Detection

We offer a broad range of leak detection services. See our types of leak detection here.

We are Claremont’s authority on the latest leak detection methods and equipment.

We provide helpful information on water leaks and gas leaks. See our leak detection blog here.

We are Claremont’s leading water leak and gas leak detection plumbers. 

Leak Detection Claremont: Water, Gas, Plumbing, Roof and House Slab Leak Detection

Our mission is to provide fast, reliable, and accurate leak detection and repair services throughout Claremont and its surrounding suburbs.

We are licensed leak detection plumbers and are qualified to investigate and repair any pipes that might be cracked, broken or leaking.

Our services are suited to homes, commercial building and industrial sites. Learn more about us.

We specialise in leak detection for:

  • leaks in water pipes
  • gas pipes
  • pool piping 
  • roof leaks

Whatever leak you may have in your property, we’re the Perth Leak Detection service that will help you quickly and affordably detect and repair leaks.

With years of experience in the industry and a team of expert technicians, we offer a comprehensive range of leak detection services, including water leak detection, gas leak detection, acoustic leak detection, hydrosonic leak detection, electronic leak detection, and plumbing leak detection.

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Identifying the presence of gas leaks is of utmost importance to ensure the safety of individuals in the surrounding area. Gas leaks can transpire in various environments such as residential abodes and business establishments, and they can be attributed to a multitude of factors such as equipment malfunction, gas line wear and tear, and erroneous installation.

To ensure timely detection of gas leaks within the Perth area, enlisting the assistance of skilled gas leak detection professionals to perform a comprehensive assessment of your property is highly recommended.

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We genuinely care about helping Claremont residents and businesses with their water leak detection needs. We excel in finding and fixing water leaks in both residential and commercial settings. We embrace the best water leak detection technology and methods to locate water leaks rapidly and accurately, sparing you from unnecessary expenses, wasted time, and potential water damage to your property.

As a proud local business in Perth, Western Australia, we have a deep-rooted understanding of the plumbing issues unique to our community. Our dedication to customer satisfaction and outstanding service guarantees that we’ll always go the extra mile to address your leak detection concerns. When you choose Wizard Leak Detection, you can rest easy knowing that your property is in good hands. Give us a try and experience firsthand the difference that our passion and professionalism bring to water leak detection in Claremont, WA.

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Claremont Leak Detection Service

We are leak detection experts based in Claremont, Western Australia, specialising in the detection of gas leaks, water leaks, pool piping leaks, and plumbing leaks.

For those experiencing a water or gas leak within their Claremont property, contact Wizard Leak Detection, your professional and cost-effective leak detection authority.

We provide a comprehensive range of leak detection services in Claremont, Western Australia, aimed at accurately identifying and rectifying leaks, all offered with transparent and competitive pricing.

Our founders are Tim and Damian who are are highly praised for their skill, intuition and experience at finding and fixing hard to find leaks. Learn more about us.

Leak Detection Claremont: The impact of ongoing leaks in Claremont Properties

The consequences of experiencing leaking pipes in your Claremont property are substantial, leading to increased water bills and potential significant property damage.

It is thus crucial to address water leak issues promptly to mitigate expenses to both your residence and finances.

We address all leak concerns, irrespective of scale, and commit to enhancing the longevity and durability of your plumbing infrastructure.

We find leaks in all Claremont Properties.

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leak detection in perth - gas leak and water leaks found fast

Have a Water Leak in your Claremont based Property?

We find and fix water leaks fast!

Water Leak Detection Claremont. We detect and repair water Leaks.

We use state-of-the-art acoustic sensors, hydrosonic equipment, and thermal detectors to efficiently and precisely detect water leaks in residential, commercial, and industrial properties in Claremont. We are experienced in the distinctive challenges presented by Claremont’s climate and infrastructure, and are dedicated to providing prompt and dependable solutions to safeguard your property against water damage.

Our water leak detection and water works service starts with an in depth assessment of your property to detect any indications of leakage. Through the use of advanced acoustic sensors, we accurately locate the leak with minimal disruption to your premises. Our objective is to swiftly identify and rectify the problem, minimising the risk of further damage and expensive repairs.

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Upon identifying the water leak’s location, our team will issue a comprehensive report detailing the problem, proposed solutions, and an estimated budget for the necessary repairs or replacement of your water pipes. Our commitment to transparent and competitive pricing guarantees that our clients receive superior service at a reasonable cost.

For homeowners and business owners in Claremont, Wizard Leak Detection is your reliable ally for thorough and efficient leak detection services.

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Claremont Gas Leak Detection and Repairs

We provide the most efficient gas leak detection services in Claremont and its neighbouring areas.

Our gas leak detection procedure initiates with a thorough evaluation of your property to detect any indications of gas leakage.

Utilising tracer gas detection technology, we introduce a minor quantity of tracer gas into the system and deploy sensitive equipment to identify even minimal gas leaks. This technique is exceptionally adept at finding elusive leaks, such as those obscured beneath concrete or within walls.

Upon identifying a gas leak in your gas piping, hot water system, or gas line, Damian and Tim will compile a comprehensive report detailing the issue, proposed solutions, and an estimated budget for repairs.

At Wizard Leak Detection, ensuring our clients’ safety in Claremont remains our utmost priority. Should you suspect a gas leak in your Claremont residence or business, we urge you to contact us immediately.

We boast a 100% success rate in detecting and locating leaks in gas pipes.

Choosing our services guarantees peace of mind, with the assurance that your property is safeguarded against potential risks. Book an appointment today and allow our professional leak detectors, Damian and Tim, to identify and fix your gas leak.

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