Perth, with its lively communities and thriving businesses, is a hub of activity where life pulsates to a vibrant rhythm.

However, water leaks, a common adversary, threaten to disrupt this harmony, necessitating the expertise of leak detection companies.

Here, we unravel the top 5 leak detection companies in Perth, with Wizard Leak Detection leading the charge.

Residential Leak detection in Perth.

Perth, the capital city of Western Australia, is home to numerous leak detection companies offering a variety of services to cater to the needs of both residential and commercial customers.

Top 5 Leak Detection Companies in Perth

Delving deeper into the expertise and service offerings of the top five leak detection companies in Perth it’s apparent why Wizard Leak Detection holds the pinnacle position:

Wizard Leak Detection

Services Offered: Wizard Leak Detection is renowned for its proficiency in water leak detection across Perth and its surrounding areas. 

Wizard Leak Detection Logo

Their mastery in acoustic leak detection, utilising sound or acoustic sensors, enables them to accurately identify the source of water or gas leaks.

The dedicated team at Wizard Leak Detection is resolute in providing prompt and effective solutions, underscoring their commitment to safeguarding properties from the detrimental effects of leaks.

Their client-centric approach ensures a smooth process from the initial consultation to the final resolution, making them a trusted choice among Perth residents.

Perth Leak Detectors

Services Offered: Perth Leak Detectors is appreciated for its non-invasive leak detection methods.


Employing technologically advanced devices, they are adept at locating water leaks in a swift, safe, and cost-effective manner.

Their services extend to both residential and commercial properties in the greater Perth Metro area, showcasing their versatility in handling a variety of leak detection needs.

Their commitment to providing efficient and reliable leak detection services makes them a reliable option for many.

Leaky Pete

Services Offered: With a robust experience of over 13 years, Leaky Pete has honed its services to provide efficient leak detection to both residential and commercial clients throughout the Perth metropolitan area.

Leaky Pete logo

Utilising electro-acoustic and thermographic equipment, they excel in locating burst pipes, underground or in-wall leaks. Their prompt and reliable service is a testament to their expertise and dedication to client satisfaction.

Water Corporation

Services Offered: Water Corporation offers a blend of self-help and professional assistance in leak detection.

Water corporation logo

They provide guidance on self-leak detection and have embraced distributed acoustic sensing technology to proactively detect water leaks before a pipe bursts.

 Additionally, they facilitate professional help through Waterwise plumbers equipped with leak detection equipment. Their holistic approach towards leak detection and resolution reflects their commitment to community safety.


Services Offered: Subtronic showcases a broad spectrum of leak detection services. They are adept in water leak detection using methods such as acoustic, nitrogen gas, and hydrogen gas techniques.


Additionally, they provide pipe and cable location services, demonstrating their comprehensive service offerings.

Their capability to detect leaks under various surfaces like concrete, tiles, walls, brick paving, and floors ensures a thorough examination and resolution of leak issues.


Wizard Leak Detection clearly outshines with its specialised acoustic leak detection service and a dedicated team that is committed to providing timely solutions.

Their client-centric ethos has cemented their position as the leading leak detection service provider in Perth, ensuring that residents have a go-to option for prompt and reliable leak detection services.